Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eStone?

We are a one-stop business solution provider. We build web, ads, and apps!

How can eStone help me in my business?

We believe every business is unique in its own way just like you. You will first be meeting up with our Business Developer and then you’ll be given a tailored solution.

I wanted to know how to improve my business.

We have plenty of services to offer here in eStone. Contact us and talk to our Business Developer today and let’s see how we can help.

What are the charges for the services?

You’ll be given a quotation after meeting up with our Business Developer, no worries!

I'm not sure whether eStone is the one I've been looking for.

Well, we are very certain that we can help! Browse through our portfolio to find out more, shall we?

What makes eStone different from the others?

Here at eStone, we work as a team, not only internally but also externally. We work closely with our client because we believe it’s the way to bring out the best effect. Besides, we do not only focus on end products instead, but we also emphasize very much on the after sales service which is to maintain, upgrade and of course improve. We are always there, ready to help whenever you demand therefore you can leave the hassle to us while focusing on your own living.

I'm an IT newbie and I don't know how to operate an e-commerce site.

Chill. You’ll be provided with a user manual after the site go live. Training will be provided to you or any personnel of your selection on the operation and amendment. Afraid that you’ll be confused with the manual or forgotten how it works after the training? Just tell us what you need and we’ll do it for you. Problem solved.

Why should I leave it to eStone while I myself can do the online advertising on my own?

Surely there’s a different, and it’s a huge one! eStone is collaborating with Google, Facebook, Instagram and etc. So we can get a different result compared with public DIY! People said a few more brains are better than one and that’s exactly why we work as a team!