Here in eStone, we prompt to offer you the best. Below is the coverage area that we cross over to bring you the best solution.

Informative Web

Informative Website to showcase your company profile/ portfolio/ or catalogue. Giving your company online existence, which is crucial to company identity.

E-Commerce Web

The first step in digitalization of traditional businesses to increase their sales performance, exposure rate, sphere of influence or even to nationalize or internationalize.

Social Media Management

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube are the popular platforms for businesses to posts their ads. Influencer will be recommended for suitable ads to bring up the effect too.


A total make over is critical for a company come-back or even if you're a new business which identity is yet to be created. We are here to help you through your entire journey to create your betterment.

Mobile Apps Development

The best way to create user stickiness to your product or services. Mobile apps development usually covers both Android & IOS platform and your apps will be registered under both Google Play Store & Apple Apps Store.

Custom Software

Customer software to cope with your company operation for any specific purpose. Our technical team will investigate and find out what are the algorithm involve and deliver the best suit software.


Need a helping hand on your existing platform/ software or even integration to enable connectivity between several silos? We have our internal tech team to help you through.

Artificial Intelligence

AI application to your needs

Big Data

Big Data including data analytic and result / report generating is achievable for the purpose of your own usage or publicity.

Cloud Computing

Cloud server hosting and cloud computing services are both available here in eStone. Let us know the technical specification/ OR we can recommend you one to kick start and boost up your project.

Mutimedia Design

With our own internal design team, we got you back for all different kind of media that are required in creating your tech requirement. Be it a logo design to poster, banner etc and the list goes on.


Not to worry if you do not have any graphic source and panic over the copyright and costs for graphic gets online as our production group are ready to take the most gorgeous photo for you.


As human being, we are all creature depends very much on visualization and that is why a video is so important especially in planting an idea or to stick your brand on the audience's mind.


Tell us what you need! We are always ready to help by proposing you the best suit solutions!

Technology Readiness Level

Traditional Retail Shop Owner | Restaurant | New Business Idea

If you’re near with any of the above stage and currently isn’t adopting any technology in terms or operation and etc, then you are most probably in this sector. 

Talk to Us and get free consultation. Let’s see how far we can go together!

Selling in Online Marketplace | Operating with POS | Having a Website

We can see that you’re already leveraging technology in performing business related tasks, but do you want to make it even better? 

Consult us to see what value or new tech to adopt to boost your operation and business!

You’re running your tech rapidly and it does helping in bring your business to the full potential, but something in your mind still think that there are still, improvement space and you wanted to explore.

Well, by then you’re always welcome here in eStone to discover new ideas.

Tech Pro

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